Saturday, December 09, 2006

Michael Grade's 8,000,000 vs Umair Haque

With all the critiquing Umair does, you'd think ITV would have at least given him and his outlandish theories a sniff when selecting their new chairman, Michael Grade.

But no.

Let's examine why not:-

Jerry Hill, group chief executive of Initiative, said: "The network is a content and entertainment enterprise in transition. His standing in the industry will attract the top creative and commercial talent vital to accelerating them into an entreprenural business that will prosper in the new economy."

Sir Martin Sorrell, whose WPP is responsible for almost a quarter of ITV ad revenues, said: 'All in all this is very good news. Grade is just the right person and we and our clients would expect him to spend more on producing good programmes.'

Last night one TV executive said: “Perhaps Michael’s best skill is hiring good, creative people.”

Poor, poor Umair.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Time magazine vs Umair Haque: What attention scarcity?

What would make Time think they can guarantee 19.5M readers?

Could it be their No.1 position amongst the magazine sales rankings?

Could it be that they know they have access to the best and brightest contributors, and therefore the really good stuff readers want to read, because of their reputation?

Could it be they are not a client of some hyper-hyped consultant?

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Guido Fawkes sticks it to Umair

In a bitter blow for Umair's idiotic hypergrowth theories, Guido Fawkes is pretty emphatic about why his blog and those of closely related commentators are top of the pops:-

"the reason is that the editorial is superior, ConservativeHome and Comment Central are both tightly edited and on the ball, Iain has more newsworthy gossip"

In other words, finding the good stuff and separating it from the chaff. When will that dummy Umair learn?

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