Thursday, April 12, 2007

Umair admits he is wrong. The world shakes it's head.

More than a year and a half after it was pointed out to him that quality of content matters more than audience attention, Umair is getting around to discussing - and agreeing - with it.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Finally he understands that the real search problem that all this content is creating is the finding of that quality content nugget amongst the dross, something this blog has been pointing out to him since it was founded, only to get rambling, deeply ill-thought-out ├╝ber-theories in response.

Now he just has to take the next step and realize, finally, that being able to serach for it is meaningless if you don't own the rights to exploit it - the very same reaons why Google, or any other search firm, will not make money from entertaining content if they don't pay the piper.

I had a the chance to talk with some Google people last week, by chance, and they openly admitted they are free riding, a classic economics problem. The thing is that at some point someone will ask to see their ticket.

Poor, poor Umair.

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