Sunday, November 19, 2006

BBC ignores Umair Haque's advice.

Look what the BBC has decided to do.

They are willing to start paying for that edge-generated Web 2.0 type content, solving a problem that has long been the issue with the altruisitic blogging community - getting paid for what they create. Even Umair has been moaning about his inability to make his blogging pay.

But the kicker is that only some of it is worth paying for; editors will select what gets published. And in doing so they are providing an extension to their usual trusty A1 service - cutting the time it takes you to find the good stuff, i.e., reducing your search costs.

Umair must be having some sleepless nights when his own country's national broadcaster bucks his hyperadvice and starts to filter all that edge-generated content, looking for the nuggets of gold that people will tune in to watch.

And with more than the magic number of contributors required to ensure they will find gold in them thar' edge-generated contributions, the BBC is in the catbird seat when it comes to finding what they call "particularly editorially important or unique" content, i.e., the good stuff.

Applause from the aisles.

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