Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Poor old Umair Haque.

After spending months denying the cold, hard logic of David Ricardo - logic that he should have picked up at London Business School, but apparently failed to grasp - he's desperately looking for ways to spin his flawed "insights" onto the latest content-related mini-deal between Tier 1 VCs Accel Partners and the Mind Candy team who run Perplex City.

This miniscule $7M investment in the unique resource i.e., content, seems to be driving Umair crazy. He is in paroxysms trying to justify why this deal is different.

But it isn't. It's simply an investment to buy the things that cannot be easily replicated - creative minds producing unique content. Thank God Accel hire people like Bruce Golden, who seems to have attended the Stanford MBA classes where fundamental analysis of industry stucture was being taught, unlike certain other hyperstupid ├╝beridiots.

Bets are now being taken on how long it takes Umair to do a complete 180┬░ volte face and tell the world he has always been part of Content 2.0, it's just that we didn't understand him...

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