Sunday, July 22, 2007

ThoughtPolice 2.0: How Umair Haque & Stowe Boyd Censor their Reality

Lame "industry analyst" Umair Haque likes to claim he is fully 2.0, at the edge, where comment is free, where the user drives the content, etc etc.

But he's not so keen on edge content when it contradicts his world view, and neither is his sidekick, the ridiculous Stowe Boyd.

Far from being open to debate, they delete comments at will, or stop them being posted initially.

What is insidious is that they not only censor their comments for civility, they actively reject/delete posts that argue against them with evidence.

A classic would be one I posted to Stowe Boyd's /Message site countering his assertion that Apple's business model depending on iTunes. I qouted evidence that Apple's business model was fine and depended on iPod/iPhone hardware units, countering his own argument in a post on iTunes stating that music sales where the driver of growth. You just have to check the 10K for the numbers for the reality - iTunes revenue is about 1/10th of that of iPod.

Ther are dozens of other examples; Umair doesn't even dare to mention this site, he is so afraid of being found out as a charlatan. BAAAWKKK!!!!

n. ThoughtPolice2.0 : to completely delete any comments that interfere with your own precious and factually un-supportable position

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